Toledo Going Nuts

You are Toledo, a peaceful rabbit that lives in a farm and love your cows. Suddenly comes an alien, steal one of your cows and go away before you can do anything.

When you see that, you start getting mad, angry, wanting to shoot in every ship that shows up. You just Gone Nuts! And the game begins.


  • 1 calm rabbit (Not anymore!)
  • 1 mad rabbit
  • A lot of Aliens
  • A lot of Cows
  • A lot of Ammo
  • Some Zombies
  • Other animals dressed like cows
  • Status upgrade
  • Extra Items
  • Huge Alien-Boss

Toledo Going Nuts is a free, endless and 3rd person shooter game.

Runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Later on Androids too.


You're living peacefully at your farm when the Aliens start coming in and all you have to do is protect your cows throughout the days. Each day have three "events", one in the morning, one in the afternoon and the last one at night.

These events are Stop to Graze, Drink Water Time, Boss Fights, Sleep, Zombie hordes, etc. And all of them will have a lot of Aliens or other enemies. Be ready!

After completing a day you earn a new cow and some coins based on your score. But as days goes by, the events get harder. More aliens, they move faster and have more hit points.

You move Toledo freely around with the easy dual stick touch controls. Touch anywhere on the left side of the screen to walk, touch anywhere on the right side to aim. If you are aiming to an Alien you will shoot!

Killing an Alien will drop coins, be sure to collect them to be able to increase your arsenal, upgrade your gears and be style like hell.

Ruppy Studio

Ruppy is a game studio that can make some different and funny games, that you will fall in love with the characters. And that is what we are going to do on all games that we bring to life.

Play before everyone else

We are planning to do a beta test soon.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad and want to start 20,000 coins richer than everyone else, help on the development, have your name on the credits and win some funny and exclusive wallpapers, you just need to help us with $50 on Indiegogo.

After that, you just have to play and give us some feedback!

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